Amrinder Poonia
I have been a passionate cricket follower and player throughout my life and always wish for the betterment and development of the cricket.
I have been part of Cricket Manitoba for more than six years and have served as a League Chairman for last two years. This year again, keeping in mind the development of Cricket Manitoba, I am making my self available by trying to be the part of executive to improve Cricket, Cricketing standards in Manitoba. I will try to work hard on changing the policies by keeping unbiased approach for Cricket here in Manitoba.

I do hope and expect your support for the upcoming elections and if given a chance to serve again, I shall strive to bring in an all-inclusive approach in solving various issues related to cricket and to bring in further improvements in transparency and accountability while dealing and deciding on important issues involving cricket Manitoba.

Bruno Mecwan
About myself, Bruno Mecwan from India I migrated to Canada in 2008 with my family. We choose to Winnipeg our home, this city had taught me too much All upside down in my life, but all succeed in the life. Working in TD as financial Advisor engage in the community very well in all aspects with new comer and student Association and as well Siloam Mission helping community my passion always helps other. Cricket was in my blood. When I was 18 year played national level in back home and also umpire cricket Canada level 1 I would like to bring cricket in different level in Winnipeg and developed in other areas. Have a great plan to bring great cricket in Winnipeg future helping our under 19 Manitoba For more exposure for better cricket help them succeed in their development plan
There is definitely change needed in Manitoba cricket Association

Garvin Budhoo
Garvin played first class cricket in Guyana before migrating to Canada in 1081
· Played for Manitoba men’s team from 1981 until 2013.

· Captain Canadian U-25 team in Toronto 1983

· Played for Canadian Men’s team for nine years. Participated in two ICC Associates qualifiers

· Played in the Canada /USA Auty Cup on three occasion

· Played on the Canadian Over 50 World Cup team in Cape Town SA

· NCCP level 3 certified Coach

· Level 1 Cricket coach

· Level 2 Soccer Coach

· Level 2 Umpire

Garvin is currently the president of the Manitoba Cricket Association

Jairaj Shroff
My name is Jairaj Shroff, I’m currently serving as League Secretary in MCA and would like to continue to serve for this great association to help and improve our level of cricket from grass roots to professional level. I have been volunteering since 2015 and have been part of MCA executives and league plus also helped my club grow over the last few years. From playing in MCA to represent as a provincial player has been dream come true and now I would like to dedicate more time towards improving and growing cricket not only in Winnipeg but surrounding areas. Serving in the board from last few years I have the required experience and skill and would like to continue serving in MCA.

Mandeep Saini
My name is Mandeep Saini, I play as an allrounder, a fast bowler and a middle order batsman in our local league. I am also a consistent member of Manitoba Senior provincial cricket team and take pride in coaching youngsters.
I have been involved with numerous cricket projects, including kanga cricket camp, Winkler Cricket expo and volunteering with in the MCA. I have been part of Cricket Manitoba for more than six years and need you support in executives’ elections to work hard on changing the policies by keeping unbiased approach for cricket here in Manitoba.

Mohmed Munaf Shaikh
My name is Mohmed Munaf Shaikh and have been in Winnipeg for the last 10 years. I have been the manager of Winnipeg warriors for the last 9 years. Cricket has always been my passion and love to spend my free time playing. I have good leadership and enjoy managing my team and giving advice to players.

Paramjit Shahi
Paramjit Shahi has been associated with cricket Manitoba as Vice President in last term. He has been working with different levels of Governments to secure prime locations and funding for cricket. Continuing his sincere efforts and active role was played by him in getting allotted three grounds, 4 practice nets and tree planted 125 trees at La Barrier Park and cricket pitch at Waverley ground by arranging funding for the same. Raised over $10000 for junior cricket program at Waverley Height Community Centre where he has over 30 kids U14 yrs learning cricket.
He has always aimed to play a positive role & provide unbiased feedback and advice. He worked hard to get current league rules in place which was needed to improve transparency and equal opportunity and fairness for all clubs and team. He wishes to further evolve and improve the administrative management of Cricket Manitoba to more effective and efficient standards. Work for further improvements, transparency and accountability in next term if given opportunity by members.

Pawanpreet Batth
I am Pawanpreet Batth.I have been a part of Cricket Manitoba for more than 5 years . I represent Trailblazers from last 5 years. I am also umpiring games from last 3 years and discuss how to make cricket in Manitoba better with them. I always been upright and straightforward in giving unbiased opinions on the matters of importance and has always been part of important meetings with proper feedback on the matters of administrative side.

I wish to be a part of executive to bring in improvements in cricketing standards, policies, fiscal and administrative management of cricket in Manitoba.

I hopes and expect the support of everyone , so as to get a chance to serve and bring in an all inclusive approach in dealing with cricketing matters and to work upon bringing effectiveness and efficiency .

Sudarshan Ruddarraju
I have been involved in cricket in Manitoba since 2009 as a player, umpire, coach and administrator. I have served as captain and vice-captain for teams within my club and I have organized and lead regional teams in various competition. I have devoted time and effort towards developing cricketers irrespective of which club they are affiliated with. I have been working with our academy team as a mentor and assistance coach.
As an elected officer to the MCA Executive I will put to use my skills as an organizer, managers, administrator to be part of a team to keep cricket moving in the right direction for our growing community.
I will focus on open and accessible governance. We must continue to build all aspects of our sport: League Cricket, Provincial Cricket, Development Cricket, Access to the sport by all genders, Facilities and Official while ensuring that we are governed with a high level of integrity, openness and trust.
Manitoba Cricket Association