Norman There is, at present, an attempt being to revive cricket in Thompson [Norman Region] where it once thrived during the boom days of the mining industry in the North. Manitoba Cricket Association in partnership with the City of Thompson and a potential sponsor to erect a facility there that will enable local residents and newcomers to the area to start playing again. Westman The hub of cricket in this Region is Virden where the MCA and the town of Virden have invested in a cricket pitch to foster cricket there. Virden Collegiate travels to Winnipeg from time to time to take part in various High Schools tournament and in the summer teams from Winnipeg travel to Virden to play league competitive cricket. Interlake The major areas for cricket in this region are Gimli, Arborg, Riverton, and Winnipeg Beach. Gimli boasts an outdoor cricket field that hosts league recreational and league competitive teams from Winnipeg. It is not uncommon after a cricket match in Gimli to see Winnipeggers and their hosts enjoying what’s left of a summer’s evening by the beach. Central At one time cricket thrived in the Miami Area and Miami School regularly sent a team to Winnipeg to take part in the Cricket Jamboree in June. Manitoba cricket Association is hoping to encourage some local coach or Phys Ed teacher to revive and continue cricket in the region.
Manitoba Cricket Association